Outreach is a key part of our vision. Most of the people we talk to on the street, on the phone or on the doorstep are concerned about the climate emergency and value the opportunity to talk about their concerns. We organise regular talks for people to come along and find out more and to get involved themselves. Anyone can get involved in outreach – there is training available to increase your confidence and you will always go out in teams. If you’re a good listener and communicator, and would like to give Outreach a go, then contact xrne@protonmail.com .

Another key role within Outreach is Integration, because it’s always hard for a new person to take the next step and we want to make that as easy as possible for everyone. We have a buddy system where new people are paired up with someone more experienced and plan to organise social events for people to be able to get to know each other better and ask questions in a more relaxed setting. If being involved in Integration interests you, then again contact xrne@protonmail.com .