Excited for The Big One? We are!

Don’t know what the Big One is?

Well, the Big One is an invitation is for everybody to Unite to Survive from the 21st to the 24th April at The Houses of Parliament, Westminster. It will be family friendly, accessible and welcoming.

All are welcome and many other climate and social justice groups have signed up to say that they will be there too. Check out this list to see who’ll be there.

For those four days, the streets around Parliament with be awash with colour and culture, There’ll be People’s Pickets outside government departments and a diverse programme of speakers, performers and workshops.

If you’ve never attended a march or protest before, this is the event for you. The organisers have been working with the police to create a safe, legal protest. There’s lots of support locally and nationally for people to find out more, get trained up to volunteer or discover more about the programme for the four days.

Of course, four days of uniting together on the streets of London is not going to change the world. But it is the opportunity to show just how many people care about the state of the world and want to do something about it. That’s why we need you and your friends there too. This is just the beginning, the continuation of the bridge building between groups and organisations with people and planet at their heart. Together, we are stronger and together, we can make a difference.

Let’s hear from some ordinary people about why they’ll be there and what they’re looking forward to.

Campbell: I’m going to London because I already see climate change giving us more extreme weather, and any review of the world in the last year has to list a large number of very extreme weather events. The impact is on all living things, and not just people. The UN’s IPCC reports – and especially Antonio Guterres’ words – make me want to do something for myself, those I love, and people and nature round the world. I want to stand up for the future.

I’m looking forward to being in solidarity with others delivering a simple, timely and urgent message – calling for an immediate end to new fossil fuel investment. And I’m looking forward to dressing up as a canary to give a visual message, chanting and shouting to ‘make our voices heard’, and being with others in a community showing that there is an alternative to rushing headlong over the cliff edge. Who knows if we’ll succeed – but I’m looking forward to, in a very small way, ‘doing the right thing’.

Carol: I’m going to London because I am sure it will make a difference. I am looking forward to connecting with strangers in the queue for lovely free food!

Tony: I’m going to the Big One because I am desperate…desperate for a future for our children and grandchildren, that nature will recover, and the change that is inevitable can be made in time. I am both optimistic and pessimistic – the former because it is my nature and the latter when I look at the latest IPCCH report. I’m looking forward to being with a lovely bunch of people, to making new activist friends, to being part of the change, to talking to MPs on their way into Parliament and to joining an action at the Department of Levelling Up and making an impact in the press!

Angela: I’m going to The Big One because the clock is ticking and we can’t waste any more time waiting for our government & political system to do better & take appropriate action. Not to mention the greenwashing & profiteering by private sector companies and the oil and gas industry. Then there’s the media of course….
But I’m also going because I want to stand in solidarity with other friends, concerned citizens and volunteer organisations to make our voices heard and help raise awareness of our linked causes and the injustices in our society and global communities. I’m most looking forward to making a noise with fellow music-makers and drummers and particularly, supporting the picket against the Cumbrian coal mine.

Lauren: I’m going to the Big One because climate breakdown terrifies me. We’re living in a time of collective madness, where mainstream politicians seem to think it’s more acceptable to pollute and heat our planet so it can no longer support life, rather than protect it. News flash folks – there ain’t no profit on a dead planet. I’m looking forward to talking to new people, sharing ways to tackle this crisis together and being part of something so huge that the government has to listen.

Anne: I’m going to London because I have to – for my children, my grandchildren and everything I care about. I’m looking forward to being with fellow rebels and sharing the love, the grief, the hope.

So what do you do if you’d like to join us?

Firstly, sign up here to say that you’re going. The counter is currently at 20,199 and mounting day by day.

Then have a read through all the information and FAQs on the Extinction Rebellion UK website – https://extinctionrebellion.uk/the-big-one/.

Finally, if you would like to join up with others in the North East and Cumbria who will be travelling down to London and staying together there for the Big One, then drop us an email at xrne@protonmail.com.

We’ll see you there!