We are all one

For me, to be fully human is to recognise the connection between myself and all living beings. We are all interconnected, connected to the universe itself. That deep sense of interconnectedness causes me to care deeply for the earth and all who call it home. To be fully human is to take on a caring responsibility for all life.

When faced with the suffering across the world caused by the climate emergency, I cannot look the other way. To carry on regardless with business as usual would require me to harden my heart, to switch off my humanity. And that I am not prepared to do.

I have a responsibility to act, to tell the truth, to do what I can to bring about change… According to respected leading scientists and advisors, the future is looking bleak for humanity unless those in power take drastic measures right now. We proved it could be done with COVID. It can be done again if our leaders would simply treat the climate emergency as the real life-threatening emergency that it is.

If the UK Government was keeping the promises and pledges it had made as a response to the climate emergency it declared in 2019, then ordinary people like myself would not have to take to the streets. This is not a selfish act. It requires immense courage and sacrifice.

My motivation to take part in nonviolent direct action is to stand up for the health, wellbeing and future of people and planet, which is the raison d’etre for all the decisions I make in my life. I feel it’s necessary to take part in civil resistance to draw attention to Government inaction at addressing the climate emergency and the existential threat that poses to humanity and all living creatures.

Taken from the mitigation statement of Helen Redfern at her sentencing for Public Nuisance