Talk to anyone in Extinction Rebellion and they’ll tell you one of the things they value most about it is that sense of community. People have described it as finding their tribe, experiencing that great feeling of being with other ordinary people who get it: people like you who want to make a difference and join with others in standing up to injustice.

So this corner of this website is devoted to exactly that: building community. You’ll find stories of everyday people who are stepping up into taking action in their personal lives, their work lives and their involvement with Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion considers itself to be a movement among movements and is reaching out to build bridges with other movements. We’ve compiled a list of local groups that you may be also interested in. It’s not exhaustive, so feel free to send us suggestions of movements to add on

Extinction Rebellion is built on the vision of regenerative cultures. Time to reflect is as valuable as action and outreach. Listening to each other and encouraging one another is a key part of what we’re about.